Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones – Pinks & Purples | Kajal

Hello everyone! Today, I’m focusing on my pink and purple lipsticks. These shades make up the majority of my collection, and even though I have a fair number I still seem to insist on getting more…

Pinks  (8)

These shades would suit most skin tones. 🙂 Here are some swatches:

Pinks (5)
From left to right: Sorbet, Secret Affair, French Kiss, Catfight, Amorous, Crush, Smother
As you can see we have quite a few products to get through today, so let’s start! (please note that the Sephora links are to the US website):

1. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sorbet (No. 52)

Sorbet is quite sheer, but this makes it a really easy colour to wear. It is still quite pigmented for a lip butter and is moisturising. It is quite glossy at first, but ‘mattifies’ over time. I think it’s a lovely colour for summer and I tend to use this when I want a splash of colour but not anything too bright.

Price: £7.99

2. Sephora Collection Rouge Shine in Secret Affair (No. 30) 

Pinks  (10)

When I go on holiday and see a Sephora, I tend to stock up on random lipsticks (Please come to the UK.) I went through a phase of loving glossy lipsticks, but now I tend to prefer more matte finishes. Both of the Rouge Shine lipsticks are sheerer and glossier than Sorbet. Their staying power is not the best, so I would recommend wearing a lipliner in a similar colour with both.

Secret Affair is a really pretty pink-coral colour. It is nice and warm, with more orange in it than French Kiss. It leaves a nice stain and, like Sorbet, is perfect for summer.

Price: 10,95€ (around £7.80)

3. Sephora Collection Rouge Shine in French Kiss (No. 22)

Pinks  (11)

French Kiss is a darker, cooler shade than Secret Affair; it’s more of a fuschia. It does leaves a stain, but it isn’t the most even one. I love this, but I wish it was more opaque.

Price: 10,95€ (around £7.80)

4. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Catfight 

Pinks  (7)

Catfight is really pigmented and applies opaque. As you can see from the swatch it is similar in colour to Sorbet, and has a sheen. It is a bright fuschia which is still quite warm. Its staying power is good and the packaging is beautiful. I do find it a bit tricky to use because of its shape, but I love this for a night out with a bronzey eye, and I will definitely repurchase this!

Price: £15.50

5.  Mac Lipstick in Amorous

Pinks (12)

On to more plummy shades! Amorous is my most recent purchase. I haven’t heard much about it and picked it up on a whim; I’m glad I did! It gives full coverage and I love the Satin finish because it is close to matte but still has a sheen. It looks lavender in the swatch, but in reality it’s more like a plummy brown. It smells like vanilla, has a good lasting power and leaves a lovely stain. This is my new favourite shade!

Price: £15.50

6. Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick in Crush (No. 23)

Pinks  (9)

Now for the more vampy ones! Crush is such a nice, warm purple colour but it tugs, can apply unevenly and is quite drying. I like pairing it up with a warm gold eye (something like Amber Lights.) Like Catfight, it’s a bit tricky to apply because of the shape, but I really like the colour so I compromise.

Price: 10,95€ (around £7.80)

7. Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Smother

Pinks (16)

Smother is really pigmented and quite glossy. This also applies unevenly like Crush but is darker. As it is so dark, I prefer wearing it in autumn/winter. I would recommend using a lipliner with this one as it can transfer. It is a bit smaller than the others, but for the price I think it is a good purchase if you want to try out a dark lipstick.

Price: £4.99

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect matte dark pink lipstick (I need to stop.) Let me know which pink and purple lipsticks you love!

Kajal x


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