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Hello everyone! So we have come to the end of my lipstick collection (for now.) Today we are covering reds! I do love a good red because it instantly makes me feel dressed up; you can just chuck on some mascara and eyeliner and you’re good to go.

Reds (3)

I tend to wear reds on nights out but I’m trying to be a bit braver and wear them more during the day. They’re growing on me!

These lipsticks would suit most people 🙂 Here are some swatches!:

Left to right – Russian Red, Royal Wedding, Big Bang, Night Out, Red Rush

1. The classic – Mac’s Russian Red

Reds (4)

Russian Red has been around for a long time and is a classic red. It has a nice matte finish, is really pigmented and has a great lasting power; I don’t need to worry about touching it up when I use it over a lipliner. My lips tend to be really dry, but I don’t find this too drying. However, I would recommend prepping your lips beforehand as it can highlight chapped areas.

It isn’t the most warm-toned red out there, but it doesn’t wash me out, and the blue tones make my teeth look whiter! (always a plus) Also I have to once again mention how much I love the vanilla smell Mac lipsticks have (another plus for me.)

Price: £15.50

2. The ‘summery’ one – Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick in Royal Wedding (No. 34) 

Reds (5)

Sephora describes Royal Wedding as a bright cherry red lipstick. It is certainly warmer than Russian Red, and much glossier and sheerer. This one is nice for summer days; it gives your lips a bit of colour as it is still quite pigmented but it isn’t too much – it’s also perfect for your first dabble in red lipsticks.

Price: 10,95€ (around £7.80)

3. The one for a night out – Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Big Bang

Reds (6)

Look at that word play. Big Bang is PIGMENTED. This is great for a statement lip, and is also a lot warmer than Russian Red if that’s what you prefer. It isn’t too difficult to apply because of the applicator’s shape (the product wells up in the centre of the doe’s foot) BUT it takes forever to dry to a matte finish that stays put. It is long-lasting but it transfers everywhere if you’re not careful (it ended up all over my face on a night out and scared my friends.)

I would recommend (as always) using a lipliner underneath, blotting it and dabbing on some translucent power on top to make it stay in place – it’s all about those layers.

Price: £6.49

4. The lipgloss – Sephora Glossy Gloss in Night Out 

Reds (7)

I can’t find Night Out on the Sephora website…it is older than I care to mention. It has a nice fruity smell and is a bit shimmery. It is a darker shade (almost purply.) I like using this on the centre of the lips on top of a red lipstick. It’s not too sticky and is a nice one to pair up with other reds.

5. The lip pencil – Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner Red Rush (No. 10) 

Reds (8)

Red Rush is quite warm-toned – almost a tomato red. I pair this up with both Russian Red and Royal Wedding, and I find that it makes Russian Red a bit more neutral. It is matte and pigmented, but not too drying. The texture is smooth but you can sharpen it to a point. You can wear this on its own with a bit of gloss but it doesn’t fade very nicely and does need touch ups. Make sure to blend it in, not just outline!

Price: £4.99

I hope this guide provided you with some ideas for your own lipstick collection. Are you a fan of reds? Let us know in the comments!

Kajal x


2 thoughts on “Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones – Reds | Kajal

  1. Wow! Such gorgeous reds! I love red lipstick, but always feel slightly tooo fancy with a red lip color.

    It would be lovely if you checked out my blog, and followed if interested!


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