Smokey Liner & Glowy Skin | Freddie

Since being on holiday I’ve developed a tiny bit of a tan – especially on my face. This is a look I’ve been wearing out in the evenings to enhance it. It’s a bronzed glowy skin with a simple smokey liner.me_fullface2_edit


Hopefully all the makeup is things you own a variation of, but I’ve linked to the exact products as well, for your peruuusal. If you’re curious about the brushes, they’re listed more thoroughly in my post Work Makeup.

I started by buffing Laura Mercier Silk Crème foundation all over my face with a Sigma F86I then powdered over my eyelids -to help blending and avoid creasing- with Bourjois Poudre de Riz. Using a crease brush I deepened my socket with the contour shade in my Sleek duo. products_eye

I then smudged a small amount of MAC Engraved pencil along my lash lines using a pencil brush, also tight-lining my waterlines. If you have small eyes, I’d recommend skipping the tight-lining, or only lining the outer part of the eyes. (You can see that I haven’t lined all the way into the corner.) Then I curled my lashes and applied a butt-tonne of mascara for a defined finish. I adore colours and shimmers, but sometimes black liner is all you want.


Continuing with my skin, I used MAC Pro Longwear concealer under my eyes and “beat it” with the RT sponge, then powdered where necessary. (I’ve actually started baking my under-eyes – lemme know if you wanna hear more.) I then applied Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator (newly acquired – I dig it) on the high points of my face with my foundation brush.


To enhance my (slight) tan, I again used the contour shade from the Sleek kit, dusted liberally over the same places as the highlighter. Finally, because I’m a sucker for sheen, I used the Sleek highlight shade as well, over the same areas AGAIN.

To finish off I combed through my (currently unruly) eyebrows and applied a slick of Dr. Lipp balm.

Soz for the grumps face
Hope you like this look!

Have a fab weekend,

F x


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