Impromptu Sleepover Kit | Freddie

Hey pals. Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly staying at a friend’s, struggling to get through your ablutions without the usual tools?  I present to you the IMPROMPTU SLEEPOVER KIT (ISK for short).


The aim here is to choose products you wouldn’t use everyday, so that you never have to pack or unpack the kit – it just sits in your bag or desk ready for that unplanned sleepover.

(As a result, if you’ve followed the blog so far, you probably won’t recognise this makeup from my other posts – it’s still great stuff.)

What’s in my bag:


I make the assumption that your temporary abode will have basics such as body wash and toothpaste. (Micellar water and eyelash curlers are less likely.)


  • hair comb – wide toothed, so good for wet and dry hair
  • toothbrush – just like the old proverb says: share paste, not brush
  • hair serum – useful if you are prone to frizz
  • micellar water & cotton wool pads – adequate makeup removal for one night in my humble op.
  • moisturiser – choose the one you’d wear under makeup


You may not look your freshest the morning after, so all this makeup is conducive to a glowy look – i.e. you can pretend you had a full night’s sleep.


  • face brush – you could use your fingers, but if you own two brushes, why not live it up
  • concealer – with a wand to keep things neat, and it can double as an eyelid primer
  • pressed powder with a puff – loose powder is a no go
  • cream blush – the best for brightening your complexion



Pack these things and you shall never be caught off guard again.

If you have already done so, I’d love to hear what you keep in your ISK.

Lots of love,

F x


10 thoughts on “Impromptu Sleepover Kit | Freddie

  1. haha great post!! most of the time i just stuff in whatever i can! i always prioritize skin care so i barely end up with a mascara if i’m lucky 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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