My Single Eyeshadows | Freddie

Hi friends, today I’m talking you through my single eyeshadows. In my experience, single eyeshadows are something to be cherished, as a result of the effort taken to seek them out individually. I only have six, but they were carefully researched and considered purchases, and I love them all the more for it. Advertisements

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Back to School!

Hi lovely readers! As you may have noticed, since starting our blog we have stuck to a schedule of three posts a week. However, the new university year is upon us and we’ll need to commit a lot of time to work. This unfortunately means we have to cut down on blog posts.

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Hair Products | Una

Hey friends! In the future of these blogs I would like to move into showing you hair styles as well the traditional make up looks. So, today I will be showing you a range of products that I frequently use to create some simple hair looks that I will show you in the future! P.s […]

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Spotlight on Simple | Kajal

Hi everyone, something a bit different today. One thing I hate more than anything – makeup removal. When you’re really pleased with your makeup, it’s sad to take it off, and when it has been a really long day it is one extra step before you get to go to sleep… I have quite a […]

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