Intense Green Eye | Freddie

Hi guys, it’s a makeup look from me this week! I stepped out of my comfort zone with a dark, iridescent green eye using a MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow called Smutty Green. While it’s not obviously wearable, it is very beautiful, so I was determined to make it work. I envisage wearing this look on a night out, but there’s nothing stopping you werking it in the AM.






I decided to roll with the eye’s clubbing vibe and make the face makeup club-proof. You’ll notice that I chose to use a face primer (keeps makeup on longer), foundation with no SPF (avoiding ghost-face for flash photos), and contour (adding facial dimension for flash photos).



Flash Photography Test

I put the makeup through its paces with my Canon’s beast of a flash! Here are the results:



As you can see, the face makeup stands up well because of the no-SPF foundation choice, and the shimmer in the eye shadow is picked up beautifully.

Would you wear this makeup or do you tend to stick to neutrals? Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely weekend,

F x


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