Mature Makeup | Freddie

Hi everyone! Today I’m showcasing a look catered towards mature features and including some broad tips. I am very excited and lucky to be using a (beautiful) model for the first time.


General Tips

My usual disclaimer applies: These are only suggestions. Of course wear whatever makeup makes you happy.

  • The focal point of the eye makeup should occur around the lashline, rather than the crease, which is often obscured by excess skin.
  • For the same reason, look straight ahead into the mirror and relax your face whilst applying eye makeup, to give you the best idea of what it will look like during the day.
  • Avoid glittery eyeshadows, which are not flattering on mature eyelids. Instead explore shimmers, which reflect light subtly, illuminating the face and making the eyes appear more open.
  • For the skin, keep your base as light as possible and instead focus on highlighter and blusher. The aim is to complement your skin with a healthy glow, not completely cover up the ageing process.
  • If you are an amateur doing makeup on a mature friend or relative, ask them to bring their own makeup along, since they are likely to have already found products which work best for them.





I very much hope you enjoyed the look and find the tips helpful in the future!

Have a lovely weekend,

F x


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