Birthday Presents! | Kajal

Hello everyone! My birthday is incredibly soon, and I have been given a fantastic joint present by my fellow bloggers Una and Freddie, and two of my other best friends from school!

Birthday (3)

As you can see it is all makeup-related (they know me well.)

Lorac Pro Palette 2

Birthday (5)

This palette is so lovely. I’m glad my friends got it for me – I wouldn’t have considered it as Lorac isn’t easily available in the UK. The palette is a really nice mix in terms of finishes and shades. Although I have seen rave reviews of the first Pro Palette from Lorac, I’m glad I was given the second one as I feel that these shades range mainly from medium to dark, and therefore are more suited to my skin tone. I also have found that I do not have many dupes for these shades (especially for Plum and Navy!)

The eyeshadows are really pigmented. They are a bit more powdery and soft than I am used to, more so than Urban Decay eyeshadows. I jabbed them a bit too hard and ended up with a giant crater in Jade (it’s ok, I fixed it.)

MAC 217 Blending Brush

Birthday (6)

I love this brush already. It’s firm but it’s still soft, and it easily blends shades into my crease, giving my eye looks a nice finish. It’s quite a big dome-shaped brush, so I do find it difficult to be very precise with it, but I guess that’s because its function is to work above the crease! I think it’s a great brush and I would definitely recommend it.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Strawberry Kissed (No. 3)

Birthday (4)

Birthday (15)

I’m so glad Una picked this up for me in Paris! I have recently found myself preferring satin or matte shades. On me, this shade is a matte, brightened pink-red. I must emphasise that it is quite bright – I will definitely be wearing this shade when I go out and in summer! The main issues that I have had with liquid lipsticks in the past are how long they take to dry (and how some never do), how drying they are and their application. This lip cream dried quite quickly and didn’t transfer too much. It isn’t too drying – it does emphasise dry patches so I would recommend exfoliating before using it. It has a doe-foot applicator which makes it quite easy to get a nice crisp line, and it gives an opaque finish in a few swipes. Also it lasts and LASTS. I love it! (thanks guys)

What have you got on your birthday wishlist? Let us know!

Kajal x


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