How To Apply False Eyelashes | Una

Hey friends! Today I am going to show you how I apply false eyelashes to complete a make-up look. There are a variety of ways to put on fake lashes but this is just the technique I use. Comment below what are you favourite eyelashes to wear!


You will need:

  • False eyelashes (these are MAC’s Number 4 lashes)
  • Eyelash glue (glue normally comes included with many sets)
  • Tweezers
  • Mirror

Firstly you should measure that your false eyelashes fit your eye and you can do this by moulding the band on your eyelid. If you do find that the lashes are a bit big, simply cut of the ends with a pair of scissors. Once you have done that, apply eyelash glue such as Eyelure Lashfix or Duo Eyelash Adhesive along the band until tacky. The stickiness of the glue ensures the lashes stick firmly on top of your eyelid.


IMG_20151021_150930195 IMG_20151021_150920765Using the tweezers pick up the lashes in the centre and place onto the middle of your eyelid. The pinch in the outer edge first and hold it for a few seconds in that position to make sure it sticks. Then do the same thing for the inner corners. If the lash does come off simply add some more glue and repeat the process.

I know this can be quite difficult for a first timer, I watched a plethora of videos and I still found the easiest way to apply it was through practice! The pictures below show the (subtle but effective) difference between wearing fake lashes on the left eye and au natural on the right.

IMG_20151021_150642438 IMG_20151021_150449244

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and do leave any eyelash application tips in the comments below. Til’ next time, bye!

Una x


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