Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia Set Review | Kajal

Hi everyone! Some of you may already know it was my birthday recently(ish) and I have been lucky enough to receive an Acqua di Gioia set from my aunt (much love.)

Acqua 5

Now I will admit that this was never on my wish list, but it is a great perfume to have if you’re looking to splash out. (This has no bearing on the ad, I promise.)

Acqua 2

This perfume comes in stunning packaging. Really stunning. It’s actually a joy to open. It helps that I really love red. The box itself is quite sturdy and is quite nice to keep even after you have finished the perfume!

Now on to what really matters – the products themselves. At the moment I have only tried the perfume out a lot – the other two products haven’t received a lot of love from me yet (one is a body lotion and the other is a shower gel – I’ll update you on them shortly!)

Acqua 1

The Eau de Parfum (50ml) itself is really the main attraction – it is really crisp, citrusy and sweet, but not in a generic, ‘I smell like a pix-‘n’-mix stand’ way. The perfume itself was intended to be quite light, and it does deliver on that – it’s really fresh and summery. I find that the citrusy notes aren’t too overpowering and that its lasting power is great for something so light! It isn’t the most exciting perfume, or different for that matter, but I do love it and I’m really happy to have it in my collection (and that box.)

Will I be repurchasing it? Possibly the perfume on its own!

Do let us know which perfumes you have been loving recently!

Kajal x


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