Halloween: Gunshot Victim | Freddie

Hi guys, this is my last Halloween look – a tad more gruesome and SFX-based than the last two, but still fairly simple. My own application was a bit rushed, so the latex layer is not as seamless as I would’ve liked – but hopefully you’ll get the gist!

1. coverphoto


  • liquid latex
  • toilet paper torn into small, 1-ply pieces
  • fake blood
  • ‘bruise shades’
    • e.g. red, brown, blue, black, purple
    • swap out my suggestions for those suiting your skin tone
    • powder or cream – cream is easier to work with
    • I recommend picking up the Mehron bruise wheel if you’re into SFX at all, especially as it’s not too expensive
  • regular concealer and powder
  • brushes and sponges


Start with a clean face, and wipe any residue from your forehead.

2. cleaningforehead

Apply a layer of latex with a sponge and lay down a strip of tissue. Then secure it with more latex. Use daubing motions rather than wiping, to prevent messing up the previous layer. Repeat this process maybe once or twice.

3. forehead

As you wait for each layer to dry, you can focus on the rest of the face and neck. How you choose to make your face look dead is up to you, so here are just some suggestions:

  • Heavily contour cheekbones and temples using black and brown
  • Contour eyes with red, brown and black, using the orbital bone as a guide
  • Simulate damage around the nose with red and brown on a fluffy brush
  • Smear some red, brown and a dab of black onto one side of the lips

Once the latex is finished, powder it and apply your normal concealer shade, to blend it in with your skin. Then apply whatever bruising you deem appropriate over the top.

5. facemakeup

Using a pair of tweezers, gently break a hole in the latex. On a small brush, dab red, brown and black into the hole to give it depth (left). Then, scoop up your fake blood on a firm brush and carefully place it in the hole, allowing it to drip down your face (right).

6. foreheadwounds

If you’re going to have a bare neck and décolletage, try contouring the area by tensing, and shading any hollows with red and brown. This will give you an unhealthy, thinning look.

9. neck

Finally for extra effect, run some oil through your hair to make it greasy and lank. Then, you’re finished!

8. fullface

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series – Happy Halloween!

F x

P.S. If like me you’ve wrecked your makeup brushes this October, check out my brush cleaning post to return them to their former state!


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