90s Makeup | Una

Hey friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a spooky halloween! Recently I had a 90s themed party so today I am going to show you the look that I wore.  I hope you enjoy  this post and give your recommendations for dupe products in the comments below.

IMG_20151102_192735947To begin, I applied my foundation, concealer  and eye primer in all the relevant areas. I then chose the brightest colour in my collection, this gorgeous shimmery baby blue colour (top left corner) from this Chilli Pepper mini eye palette. I used a slightly damp flat brush to apply the shadow to ensure the pigmentation came out strong on my eye.

I then used Candied Violet from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette around the outer corners of my eye and through the eye socket to add a bit of shadow and more vibrant colour! Under the eye I stuck to the simple dark brown Triple Fudge and highlighted in the inner corner and on the brow bone with Champagne Truffle.


To finish off the eye, I lined it with my Maybelline Linerefine Expression Kajal and smudged it with my fingers for that effortless look. On the cheeks I went for the bright pink colour Crochet from the Sleek Blush by 3 palette and on the lips this orange lip crayon from Seventeen.



To complete the look I (attempted) to pin my hair up in two little bunches whilst keeping the rest of my hair down. I hope you enjoyed this throwback makeup look and don’t forget to share your recreations in the comments below. Til’ next time, bye!

Una x


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