Adele’s ‘Hello’ Makeup Tutorial | Una

Hello… It’s me. I hope you have had a wonderful week. Today, I am back to show you my interpretation of Adele’s makeup from her wonderful music video for ‘Hello’. As always, don’t forget to show or link us your versions of this makeup!


Adele’s skin is always FLAWLESS, so to begin start off with a layer of foundation and concealer in the appropriate areas. If you want your makeup to last longer, don’t forget to apply a primer underneath and then set with a translucent powder over the top of your chosen foundation. Add some highlighter on the cheekbones and on the tip of the nose to really bring out those features. Also, this is the time for your contouring skills to shine! Adele predominantly uses it just under the cheek bones and below the chin area to bring out her fierce jaw bones.

Onto the fun bit, the eyes! Start with a light brown colour or a shadow colour that matches your eye. I used Hazelnut from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Run that colour all over your eye making sure you have an ample amount packed onto your eye. Adele has such a deep eye crease, so use a darker colour to define it well. I used a mixture of the colour Semi-Sweet with a dab of Triple Fudge just to increase that rich brown colour. Once again, blend blend blend with a fluffy brush. On your brown bone and inner tear duct use a matte, white eyeshadow to really open up your eyes.

12226905_1115067798511070_1831924348_n (1)

For the liner you can use either gel or liquid. I believe she used a pen liner since the finish is very crisp but you can get the same effect with gel with a bit of practice. Start off quite close to the lash line and build up to create that classic Adele thick liner. Don’t forget to go quite high in the centre with the liner to ensure you capture that dramatic effect. If you have small eyes, however,  I would not recommend you go so high as it might make your eye look even smaller. Adele has a small wing but it’s not essential to draw one since hers is overshadowed by her thick eyelashes. As an added extra, you can use a white or nude eyeliner again to make your eyes look brighter. Obviously add a thick layer of mascara or if you’re feeling glam add a set of false lashes. (If you don’t know how to apply them, just check out my tutorial here!)

12212449_1115067811844402_33129768_n (1)

On the lips use a simple nude colour, here I am using Bare by No. 7. I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of an Adele look. If you want any of us to do more popular artists looks just leave a comment below. Til’ next time, bye!

Una x


6 thoughts on “Adele’s ‘Hello’ Makeup Tutorial | Una

    1. Thank you! I always use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Spot corrector then just Simple’s light moisturiser. Normally I finish with a matte primer (but I forgot to do it here!). I’ll be doing a full pre-makeup routine in a few weeks time, hopefully that will give you some more details 🙂 Una Xx

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