Tip #2: Brow Basics | Freddie

If you want to shape your eyebrows, see a professional. View plucking as short term maintenance, never as a tool for complete overhaul.

Professionals offer eyebrow waxing and/or eyebrow threading. They will often use tweezers afterwards to pluck any hairs they missed.

  • Waxing is quick and less painful than threading, but will tug slightly on your skin. Some avoid it as it may cause premature sagging around the eye.
  • Threading takes a little longer and is more painful than waxing, because the hairs are pulled out individually. Imagine very rapid plucking. However, it does not pull on the skin and is more precise. Threading is my preferred choice.

Never be afraid to explain to a professional exactly what you want.

  • Thick and/or straight brows promote a younger appearance.
  • Thin and/or arched brows promote a more mature appearance.

If you feel that your brows are still looking untidy, try trimming them. Using a spoolie, brush the inner half of the brow vertically upwards, and trim the hairs a few millimetres beyond the outline of your brow. Brush the outer half of the brow vertically downwards and do the same. The few millimetres extra allow the hairs to lie neatly at their natural slant.

Clear mascara is a great cheap alternative to brow gel. This sets your brow hairs in place to keep them neat throughout the day. In a pinch you could even use hairspray on a spoolie or old mascara wand.

Have fun!

F x


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