Photo-ready Makeup | Kajal

I look back at old photos and cringe.

I look at some new photos and cringe.

FullSizeRender (6)
I cringe.
Why? Because my makeup was not photo-proof. I want to save you from the horrors of a bad photo (I know it’s not the worst thing in the world) by giving you some quick tips to ensure you don’t have to suffer from the dreaded ‘flashback’ or obvious concealer marks.

  1. My top tip is to make sure to prep your face. Avoid dry, flaky skin by moisturising (I have to REALLY moisturise.) Exfoliate as often as you need to (I tend to do it once or twice a week.) If your skin is more on the oily side, make sure you use a good primer and blot, blot, blot.
  2. Avoid foundations or BB creams which contain an SPF (ok use these during the week, but if you know lots of photos are being taken try to avoid them.) The SPF will cause the dreaded ‘flashback’ mentioned above. ^^
  3. Go for colours that suit your skin-tone. I know for a fact that when I pick cooler-toned shades they can drain me out. A simple trick for checking whether you’re cool-toned or warm-toned is by looking at the veins on your arms. Green veins will mean you’re more warm-toned, whereas if the colour of your veins leans more towards blue, you are probably cool-toned!
  4. Sometimes it helps to look at old photos and see what works. I certainly learnt a lot by doing this. I found out that grey eyeshadow, warm or cool, doesn’t suit me at all. Not at all.
  5. I tend to put on my concealer before my foundation to make sure it’s covered up. A good tip that I have found is that to ensure my concealer (or just my face in general) doesn’t look too ashy, I use a colour correcter (an orange one) under my eyes, and where I have other patches of purpley skin discolouration. I find that it makes my concealer look a lot more natural!

I hope that was helpful! If you have any ideas on makeup for photos please add them to the comments πŸ™‚

Kajal x



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