Making that ‘unfortunate’ lipstick purchase work | Kajal

Bought a lipstick you love? Doesn’t quite work for you? Did you shelve out 15+ quid for it?

I understand.

Pinks (5)
Catfight, you could have been the one.

Now if it’s awful, don’t force yourself to wear it; try to swap it with a friend. However if it’s THIS close to being ‘the one’ then we can make it work, or least try.

(This also applies if it hurts you inside to waste a lipstick.)

So if your lipstick is…

Too dark – The main complaint of dark lipsticks is that they make lips look thinner and tend to wash people out. If your issue is the former, my tip would be to add lipgloss to the centre of your lips (this makes your lips look bigger.) You could even overdraw your lips if you feel brave enough.

If the issue is the latter, then I would recommend applying the lipstick to the centre of your lips and then evening it out with some lip balm for a more toned-down look. Still not working? No worries – try using it in the corners of your lips on top of another lipstick for an ombré look!

Too light – This is my most feared category. I really do not suit light lipsticks. I have had this issue with MAC Cosmo when I have a tan in summer. My tip – layer it. Find a darker shade (that too dark shade above may come in right now) and see how this shade works with it! Or you could try using a slightly darker lipgloss over it.

Too bright – This is where Urban Decay’s Catfight comes in. This lipstick could have been ‘the one’ but it’s just a bit too bright and not opaque enough. I refuse to give up on it though, so my trick is to wear it on top of a dark nude (and pretty dull) lipliner, and blot and layer it. (Too dull? Answer – Clear lipgloss.)

Too shiny – Now I have quite a few lipsticks that are glossy, but I prefer matte finishes. My trick? Translucent pressed powder. Add this to the centre of the lips, and rub it in a bit. You will have to repeat this a few times though to get the desired effect as it can affect the colour of the lipstick and cause it to fade. (Also bear in mind you may have to repeat this when you’re out and about.)

Not opaque enough (too translucent)  – Lipliner! (I recommend this a lot, I know.) This will really help build up the colour. If this still is not working, you can use the lipstick as a gloss over other lipsticks, especially those that you find too drying or, as I said before with dark lipsticks, you can use it as a lip ‘tint’ rather than a lipstick.

Too cool-toned/too warm-toned – This is a really tricky one. I would recommend a lipliner in a similar but more neutral tone. I find Russian Red a bit too cool-toned for me, so I tend to layer it over a red that leans more warm. The result is a neutral red that suits me!

Don’t be worried to experiment with lipsticks – out of all makeup products they are probably the easiest to layer!

What lipstick purchases have you regretted? Let us know!

Kajal x



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