Makeup Revolution Liquid Concealer Review | Kajal

This is my first product from Makeup Revolution! I’ve heard really good things about this brand, but before I bought the entire stand (I was tempted, I assure you) I decided to start with something I needed!

Makeup Revolution Concealer

I recently ran out of my beloved Collection 2000 concealer (which they never seem to stock in Dark), so I decided to try something new.

The shade I have is called Focus and Fix Concealer in ‘FC 08 Medium Dark.’ It isn’t really that dark though! The shade is actually quite light – it is just about the right shade for me, and it really leans towards yellow.

Concealer (3)
Top to bottom: Makeup Revolution Concealer in Medium Dark, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Dark, Mac Select Cover-up Concealer in NC42

This concealer does not offer full coverage, and is quite runny. It also doesn’t really like being over-worked, as it has a tendency to break apart. Furthermore, I wouldn’t recommend this for the under-eye area because it tends to crease.

However, what I find this product to be really good for is liquid contouring! I find that it blends quite nicely into my foundation, and highlights the top of my cheeks, my chin and down my nose.

So my final opinion – this will not replace my beloved Collection 2000 concealer for my under-eyes, but for £2 it is a good liquid highlight for those of you who are starting to highlight using liquid products, especially if you’re looking for something quite matte and with strong yellow undertones!

Price: £2.00


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