Tip #4: Glitter! | Freddie

Hi folks,

We’re officially in the festive season now, and with that comes glitter whether you like it or not.

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced adhering it to yourself difficult in the past and, also if you’re like me, you’ve never been prepared enough to buy special cosmetic glue in advance.

So, here are some alternatives you could try and my reviews of them:



Lip balm / gloss

Your success with this method will strongly depend on your lip product. For example, I use Carmex which is more oily than sticky. Thus the glitter sort of sticks for a while, and then falls off once the balm has sunk into the skin. You will also need to ensure that the lip product is not dangerous for use on your eyes.

Eyelash glue

The glitter won’t budge, but the experience won’t feel pleasant. This is due to eyelash glue’s tendency to dry to a gunk that begs to be peeled off ASAP. Just my experience.

Eye drops

This is my favourite method due to its diverse applications: it’s great for use with glitter but also eyeshadows and loose pigment. It’s hygienic, and no doubt safe for your eyes. I mix a small pile of glitter and a few eye drops into a paste. This paste is surprisingly adhesive yet pleasingly spreadable. (“Sounds like peanut butter.” –my housemate)

Glitter gel

This must be the best solution. Glitter gel has been specifically made for smearing glitter all over yourself. This method is especially gratifying if the gel itself is patchy and shite but can be made fabulous by stirring in other, loose glitter.

Good luck glittering, and happy holidays!

F x


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