How to De-pot | Freddie

Hello friends! Happy New Year!

There are a number of reasons why you may like to remove eyeshadows from their packaging. For me, it was the convenience of putting them in one big palette. The process is called de-potting, and here I explain how it is done. Top tip: patience is key!




  • A blade you don’t care too much about
  • A hair straightener / “flat iron”
  • Greaseproof paper / “wax paper”
  • A pin or other poking device
  • A soft work surface you don’t mind getting messy
  • Palettes to de-pot and somewhere to put the eyeshadows afterwards

Most packaging consists of 1. metal pans containing eyeshadows, 2. a plastic section directly surrounding the pans, and 3. larger, external, plastic casing.


N.B. Apologies for the photos. It was an impromptu post- de-pot decision to make a blog post about this, so I demonstrate with empty and single packaging. The same method applies to quads and larger palettes.

Firstly try to gently prise the internal plastic out of the rest of the packaging. Wiggle the blade down the seam and gradually apply sideways pressure until the plastic pops out. If you see the metal pan bending, STOP, as you are in danger of breaking the eyeshadow. Start over on a different edge.


Stand your straighteners upright and place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the bottom plate. Once you’ve extracted the internal plastic packaging, place it on the bottom straightener plate to warm up. The heat will make the plastic malleable and melt the glue securing the metal pan. This should take around five minutes, but keep checking to be safe.


Once the plastic is warm enough, you should be able to push a pin through the underside of the plastic to ease the metal pan out. Be extremely careful, as both components will be hot.


Once your eyeshadow pan is free from its plastic shackles and has cooled down, you may wish to remove any residing glue with a cotton wool bud dipped in nail polish remover.

The intention of de-potting is commonly to put all your eyeshadows into one, usually magnetic palette. Below is a Z Palette, which I highly recommend.

Mum was thrilled to spend New Year’s Day de-potting all her old quads.

What do you think of de-potting? A monstrous violation of beautiful packaging? Or something that has to be done in the name of convenience – which is also secretly a little satisfying? I know my answer.

Happy weekend,

F x


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