Review Naked 3 Palette | Una

Hey friends! Today I am going to do a review of the Naked 3 palette which I was gifted over the Christmas period. I know that there are a plethora of reviews for available online but I just want to add my opinion and the chance for you to see some swatches on an Asian skin tone. I’m really excited to use this palette in make-up looks in the future so please do leave your preferred colour combinations in the comments below if you’re familiar with this palette!


What really stands out about this palette compared to the naked 1 or 2 is the fact it is rose-gold/pink based. Therefore, I was pretty nervous whether those types of colours would suit my skin tone. When I used to go to the Urban Decay counter to ask their recommendations on what palette I should choose, they would always gravitate towards Naked 3. Their reasoning was because it would ‘show up on my skin more’. They were not wrong, it definitely would (and does) stand out more on my skin compared to some of the brown colours in the Naked 1 palette. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it would suit me!


Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised. As always the pigmentation is really strong and the brush applicators work brilliantly to blend in the colours. One of my favourite shadows to use at the moment is Buzz. I have struggled to find one colour which I can solely apply over my lid and is that combination of natural combined with ‘I’ve clearly made some effort’. Buzz is very similar to my skin tone but with a rose-gold hue which really makes it stand out. Sometimes I use Nooner to softly deepen my crease. One colour I think I would have preferred would be a matte black compared to this glittery pink-black combination on the far right. I may only think that because I am completely clueless on how I could use this colour so if you have any recommendations please let me know below!

L to R: Dust, Buzz, Nooner & Darkside

I hope you enjoyed this short review and the images of the swatches in various lights. I hope to use this palette in one of my next make-up looks so watch out for that. Til’ next time, bye!

Una x

P.s. So sorry for the late post from all of us at Tri Makeup. It is currently exam season so we’ve been a little distracted but we’ll be back up and running normally by next week! xoxo


6 thoughts on “Review Naked 3 Palette | Una

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of this palette but the darkest shade, Blackheart is the definitely one of my favourites. I don’t use black eyeliner so I love to run it along the lashline and it just has that subtle purple hint to it. X


      1. Nooner is my favourite shade in the palette so I’d pair it with that but I think I did a look on my blog when I just used Strange all over the eyelid, Nooner in the crease and Blackheart as a liner.

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