Makeup Challenge | Kajal

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay, my phone was broken over the weekend so I couldn’t get my photos up!

I found my challenge (unsurprisingly) rather difficult. Just to fill in those of you who missed my last post – I tried to see if I could wear only two makeup products a day, and make sure they were different every day.

Here are a few examples of what I did:

Challenge (7)
Day One: Black eyeshadow to line my eyes and concealer under my eyes

Challenge (9)
Day Four: I caved. Foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, highlighter…
Challenge (10)
Day Six: Black eyeliner and foundation (with a bit of lip butter!)

The main thing I did was to use one face product, and another product that defined my eyes. I had to ditch lip products which was rather sad.

Day Four, I completely caved in (I am weak) and went with my normal routine (I tried to keep it natural-looking though.)

Things I learnt from the challenge – I like my jumpers/ scarves. I also discovered different uses for many of my products – it forced me to reach for different face products and also to experiment – I doubled up a bronzer as an eyeshadow (which worked rather well) and used mascara and an angled liner brush to make a ‘liquid’ eyeliner (which eventually worked but was incredibly difficult to remove.)

How many products do you use in a day? Tell us in the comments!

Kajal x


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