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Hi guys,

For those of you that do not know, clown contouring is a method of applying face makeup that involves painting each product onto your face -as a clown paints their own- before blending them all together simultaneously. I.e. The theory goes: you look like a clown first, then you look all ‘sculpted’ and ‘flawless’. I rarely contour, so jumping in the deep end should be amusing. Please indulge me as I attempt to clown contour!

The Plan

I will be using the following products for my clown face…


…and blending it all together using a damp sponge.

The Result

Clown face GO!

I used the corrector around my mouth to cancel any redness. I then highlighted with my concealer and contoured with my dark foundation. Finally I dabbed two circles of blush on the apples of my cheeks.

I blended everything together starting from under the eyes and moving outwards.


I finished by doing my eyes and lips and combing my brows. I wanted to evaluate the clown contouring method properly, so did not apply any extra base makeup.

While I am surprised with how easily the makeup blended out -especially the blush- I think using the corrector so heavily around my mouth means the area looks ashy and unnatural. My contour was perhaps not dark enough to see an obvious ‘sculpted’ result. I also feel that blending everything simultaneously loses the precision that comes with applying products separately.

Here is a comparison of the same eye and lip makeup with clown contouring (left) versus my usual base makeup (right). While the difference is subtle, hopefully you can see that applying blush and highlight after blending my foundation (right) picks out my features more precisely, and is more flattering.

What do you think of this bizarre 2015 trend? Happy to see it go or keen to keep it alive? Let me know in the comments below!

F x

P.S. Did anyone spot my missing earring?


2 thoughts on “Clown Contouring | Freddie

  1. You are so beautiful, stunning features! Clown conjuring is so overrated so many women have such naturally gorgeous bone structure that it’s unnecessary for everybody to apply that much product… But if that is something that works for a certain gal and makes her feel good, so be it!


    1. Thank you Lauren! I completely agree: I stand by that makeup should never feel like a necessity – just something for fun. If it makes the user more confident, then who cares how it’s applied?
      Thanks again for reading!
      F x

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