Review Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream & Magic Eye Rescue | Una

Hey friends! I hope you are all having a good week. Today I will be reviewing Charlotte Tilbury’s new Magic Night Cream and Magic Eye Rescue. Just as a disclaimer I was sent this after signing up for a freebie website because I’m a broke student who can only try new products via free samples! All opinions are my own and I wish I was paid to review (lol). But let’s get started!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream

The consistency of this product is SO thick. I don’t think I have ever used a product as thick as this on my skin. It was almost difficult to smooth and spread across my face. Personally I really hate overly thick products which you can feel sitting on your skin regardless of the fact this is designed for overnight use rather than underneath make up. The brand promotes the cream to be a ‘powerhouse of 8 youth-boosting ingredients’, basically lots of elements which sound fancy and confusing. I have used this for over a week and honestly I haven’t seen much difference in the appearance of my skin. I feel I definitely am not the target market for this product as I am looking for more blemish reducing components. But I should also mention that a 50ml tub of this cream costs £100. £100. That is more than a week’s rent for me. You might think that is hypocritical since I would happily purchase a eyeshadow palette for £40-£50 but my Naked palette, for example, has lasted about 3 years but a 50ml daily cream would last half a year roughly? Overall, I think this might be a treat you could suggest to an older family member who could benefit from the ingredients and could afford the price tag. 😉

Screenshot (108)

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue

Now this one I actually do like. I’ve never really seen a need for eye cream at this age but this product goes on smoothly and is hydrating. It’s currently really cold in the UK right now and this can make my entire face, especially my eyes, really dry. Then imagine putting concealer and powder on top of that, not a good combination! It makes for a great base under primer and make up and I would definitely recommend! But then the ultimate downside again is the price. Why, why can’t then make high end products and student prices. Anyway, this is £40 for 15ml of product so a birthday treat for you?

I hope you enjoyed this mini review and has given you some idea of what it is like to use these products. If you have tried any of these creams do let me know your opinion in the comments below. Til’ next time, bye! Una X


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