Having Your Makeup Done (Take 2) | Kajal

Hi everyone 🙂

As I said in my last post, I had my makeup done for the second time!

Makeup Done 3

As it was makeup for a show, it was a bit extreme in comparison to what I’m used to (I was a ‘Gatsby’ girl.) It looked ok on stage though!

In case you’re interested, the eyelashes I used are from Eyelure (Exaggerate Number 145.) I’m not a big fake eyelash person, but I did enjoy these on the show day (once I got used to them.)

Other interesting things I noted was that my eyebrows were drawn in with a far lighter colour than the shade that I typically use, and the bronzer the makeup artist used for my contour was a lot warmer than my beloved Sleek contour palette (I think it was a shade from one of the Naked Flush palettes?)

What I particularly liked was that this was completely different to what the previous makeup artist did!

Do you enjoy having your makeup done, or do you prefer doing it yourself?

Kajal x


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