Bobbi Brown Makeover | Una

Hey friends! Hope you are having a fantastic week. Today I am going to be showing you the results of a recent makeover I had done at Bobbi Brown. I’ll be highlighting all the products used on my face but also noting some of the products I loved (and might purchase in the future) and what I disliked. I hope you enjoy  this post and don’t forget to comment below if you think any of these products are to-die-for items.


  • Soothing Cleansing Oil – £21.50
  • Face Oil – £42.00
  • Hydrating Face Cream – £39.00
  • Foundation Stick (Honey) – £29.50 – The make-up artist used this just to find the right colour for my skin tone but even when she applied just a little bit of this product it looked extremely heavy and there was clearly another layer to my skin.
  • Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 (Honey) – £31.50 – This was a very similar consistency to NARS sheerglow and MAC’s Pro-Longwear. If you like medium coverage which is buildable with a slightly dewy finish this is the foundation for you.
  • Bronzing Powder – £28.50
  • Highlighting Block (Bronze) – £34.00 – Well this highlighter is just fabulous. It makes you all glowy and can immediately restore health to your face. I would definitely have purchased if I didn’t already own a highlighter!
  • Brightening Brick (Coral) – £34.00 – I always forget how important blusher is to add life back into your face. I think it gives a really natural pinkness to your cheeks and definitely works on all skin types. I tried the product on my mum, who is several shades lighter than me, and it looked pigmented but not too overpowering that some pink shades have a tendency to do.
  • Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick (Taupe) – £15.00
  • Nude on Nude Eye Shadow Palette – £36.00
  • Sparkle Eye Shadow – £23.50 – This is a great universal product as the shimmer shadow didn’t provide any colour to the lid rather it just gave an overall sparkle!
  • Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (Black Ink) – £18.50 – I finally got to try the infamous Bobbi Brown liner and you know what it was great! It went on smoothly and didn’t come off for the whole day. But my Rimmel gel liner does the same so I’m unsure if it worth the price!
  •  Smokey Eye Mascara – £23.00


  •  Lip Pencil (Cocoa) – £16.50
  • Art Stick (Rose Brown) -£20 – I wasn’t overly keen on the colour as I don’t think I’m a great fan of the nude lip on me personally. But, the product itself was really creamy and comes in a handy stick form which seems great for popping in your bag. Didn’t last overly long on the lips but that may just be because I went out for lunch…
5 Hours later

I hope you enjoyed this make-up breakdown all from one brand! I worked out that I have £412.50 worth of products on my face which is crazy! I’m pretty sure you don’t need every product from the above list but the highlighter and blush would make a great treat for yourselves or a present for a friend. Til’ next time, bye! Una X


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