Tips for Pigmented Lips | Kajal

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post today as exam season is coming up and things are getting a bit hectic!

I have very pigmented lips, to the extent that my top lip is a different colour to my bottom lip (purple and pink) – this makes finding a good lipstick that suits me a bit tricky.

Mac Retro (7)

I’m not a big fan of sheer lipsticks – the natural pigmentation of my lips makes the colour come out completely differently! (Orange becomes a no-go.)

So here are some tips I have picked up from a few of my lipstick purchase successes (and failures!)

  1. Foundation is my friend when it comes to neutralising the pigmentation of my lips – just a bit on the top of my top lip, and I can whack on Russian Red with no worries!
  2. Think about what finish you want in regards to opacity. I remember buying a sheer orange-red lipstick to just realise that the purple colour of my lips came through and made the whole thing look a bit odd. Therefore whenever I swatch lipsticks, I try and see how opaque they are – I have a birthmark on my hand so I see how well it covers it up!
  3. Sometimes I cheat and I try to match the lipstick colour up with my pigmented top (purply) lip – this has worked quite well for me because the colour naturally suits me!
  4. I mix lipsticks! I’ll start with a nude colour and then layer a different colour on top 🙂
  5. With sheerer, glossier lipsticks, I layer the lipsticks up and add a bit of mattifying powder to make them more opaque!

Tips aside, I’m still happy with the pigmentation of my lips – natural lipliner! I can’t complain.

Until next time!

Kajal x


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