Liquid Lipsticks | Kajal

Hi everyone, After exam season is over, I have promised myself that I will buy myself some new makeup (that plus comfort eating is getting me through revision.) I recently have been very interested in liquid lipsticks, especially ones with a really opaque, matte finish!

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Makeup for Glasses | Una

Hey friends! Today, I will be giving you a rundown of my favourite makeup tips for whenever I’m wearing glasses on a day-to-day basis or even a night out! What Tri Makeup hasn’t told you is that we’re all glasses wearers so hopefully in the near future we will all give you various tricks to […]

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Eyeliner Tips! | Kajal

Hi everyone, Now I’m sure you’re all eyeliner pros with years of experience under your belts, but unfortunately despite my name meaning eyeliner, I have not yet mastered the liquid eyeliner flick. I have every type of eyeliner you can imagine – gel, liquid, pencil, but when it comes to that dreaded flick, things just […]

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