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Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to be talking about some tips for keeping your makeup bag as light as possible, which is especially important when you don’t have the luxury of lugging loads of products around!

beauty steal (13)

The girls have already posted about this, but I thought I would add some of my thoughts.

My travel bag tends to be based on staying round a friend’s house after a night out, so I pack makeup which will help me achieve both a night-out and a day look.

I tend to grab what I see as the ‘essentials’:


I separate out some of my Naked Skin Foundation into a different, smaller bottle with a pump. You can usually find these in the travel sections of Boots and Superdrug. I don’t travel with the Naked Skin foundation bottle because the lid keeps popping off!


I tend to pack something with medium coverage which I can use the next day!


I go for a masacara that isn’t too dramatic for the next day.



This is where palettes are incredibly useful – my Revlon palette in Adventurous would be perfect if it had a mirror…There is a highlight shade, an interesting khaki shade, a sparkly brown and a dark, matte brown eyeshadow; perfect for both a day look and a more intense night look.

Lip Products x 2

I pack one lipstick for the night out (at the moment Retro is my go-to) and then something lighter for the day (Revlon Lip balm.)

A few makeup brushes

I love my angle brush because it’s so versatile, and I’ll also take a flat eyeshadow brush (perfect for dealing with sparkly eyeshadows…)

Makeup wipes

Such an essential! I go with my trusty cleansing wipes from Simple.

I should probably stop here before the list grows into my entire makeup collection…

What’s in your travel bag? Let us know!

Kajal x


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