Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara Review | Freddie

Hi guys,

Today I’ll be giving my first impressions of the Lancôme Grandiôse mascara, which was kindly given to me for my birthday, in a “Captivating Eyes” set with makeup remover and a kohl pencil.


As you may know, my long-time favourite mascara has been the great value MaxFactor False Lash Effect, but I’m always open to trying new options.

Packaging I think the packaging of this mascara is lovely. It’s black plastic with a gradient to transparency at the end of the lid, where the Lancôme rose is embedded. The tube doesn’t show fingerprints as much as matte packaging, and it clicks reassuringly shut. I suppose the only downside is that the bottom third of the tube is fairly chunky, but it’s necessary to accommodate the swan-neck wand, and doesn’t bother me.

Colour Certainly black enough to enhance my already very  dark eyelashes.

Smell Standard slightly weird mascara smell.

Application #1 On my first application, I just used the brush as I saw fit, turning it either way to best shape my lashes. My thoughts were:

  1. I like the wand shape & brush head
  2. It seems to lengthen very well and separate pretty well
  3. I already have long lashes so I’m not best judge of how much longer this mascara makes them
  4. I will see whether it
    • holds the curl
    • smudges under my eyes
    • is easily removed
  5. I haven’t done more than one ‘coat’ – I don’t think it’d be necessary
  6. My lashes appear to be considerably longer than they are using MF FLE
  7. My lashes have actually separated nicely – have had more separating mascaras but definitely not clumpy at all
  8. The mascara curled my lashes really well on the side I didn’t use the curlers on as well – both eyes look equivalently perky

Application #2 Since application #1, I found Lancôme’s amusingly thorough instructional guide (I won’t paste it here as this post is long enough already). Having read the guide I thought it’d be fun to film myself following the instructions to a tee – for you to see the results. I turned my wrist for my left eye, so was following the ‘B’ steps. I also curled my lashes on both eyes this time.

Lasting Power On the day of the second application, I wore this mascara for over 12 hours, and it had not smudged or budged by the time I removed it. (See below – apologies for the difference in lighting.) It also held the curl of my lashes. Despite all this, it was easily removed with micellar water. A winner all round.

Price The only real downside to this mascara is its price tag at £25 for 10ml. I maintain that you can find great mascaras on the high street, but if you are in the market for higher end brands, I have to recommend this. It wowed me.

UPDATE 02/08/2016: This mascara is still going strong after months of daily use, so you truly get your money’s worth in quantity!

I hope this review has been helpful / entertaining for you!

F x


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