Eyeliner Tips! | Kajal

Hi everyone,

Now I’m sure you’re all eyeliner pros with years of experience under your belts, but unfortunately despite my name meaning eyeliner, I have not yet mastered the liquid eyeliner flick.

I have every type of eyeliner you can imagine – gel, liquid, pencil, but when it comes to that dreaded flick, things just go wrong.

To combat this, I bring out my beloved black eyeshadow. My top tip – trace out the shape of your wing using the eyeshadow and an angle/liner brush. If it goes wrong, don’t worry, just make sure you have makeup wipes and some foundation at hand and start again.

To get the shape of my wing right, I follow the line of my lash line and try to get the end of the flick to point towards the bottom of my eyebrow.

I then go over the eyeshadow with liquid or gel liner!

Hope this helps!

Kajal x


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