Makeup for Glasses | Una

Hey friends! Today, I will be giving you a rundown of my favourite makeup tips for whenever I’m wearing glasses on a day-to-day basis or even a night out! What Tri Makeup hasn’t told you is that we’re all glasses wearers so hopefully in the near future we will all give you various tricks to look your best in your specs! Please do let us know in the comments below any of your favourite makeup products or tips when wearing glasses.



Eyeshadow – When you’re a glasses wearer, you should tend to stick to neutral colours on your eyelid because they tend to be overshadowed by your frames. I think that if you have thin, light frames you can go a little bit wilder and add some colour as it will show more than if you had darker, chunkier frames. I also recommend for everyone that you highlight your inner corners as that will really make your eyes stand out.

Eyeliner – Your eyeliner should match your frames. If you have large frames like me, I recommend you apply a thick liner to follow the shape of your glasses. This way your eyes don’t get lost in the thickness of the glasses frame. For thin glasses, you should opt for a thin liner simply to outline and emphasise your eyes. Since you have a thinner frame, you can concentrate more on shadows which a thicker frame may obscure. My preferred eyeliner to use is gel since it fixes strongly to the eyelid and rarely smudges. It also creates a defined line that will look effortless and chic under glasses.

Mascara – There is some debate on how much mascara you should apply when wearing glasses. Some say you should lather it on as it will really make your eyes pop and stand out from underneath your glasses. I personally reside on the other side and limit my use of mascara since I hate it when my lashes hit the glass. So this one is up to you!


Blush – Since one of the big features on any face is being hidden by glasses this is your chance to really make a statement with the rest of your face. For blush you should wear a bright pink to add a bit of colour and as if you’ve caught the sun.

Lips – Go bold! Similar reason to the above that you should play around with colour on other areas of your face to make a statement. I love a bright red lip or seeing people wear a flash of bright violet.

I hope you enjoyed my short makeup tricks for when you’re wearing glasses. Don’t forget to leave your tips in the comments below. Til’ next time, bye! Una X


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