Liquid Lipsticks | Kajal

Hi everyone,

After exam season is over, I have promised myself that I will buy myself some new makeup (that plus comfort eating is getting me through revision.)

I recently have been very interested in liquid lipsticks, especially ones with a really opaque, matte finish!

Birthday (4)

Having an opaque finish is really important for me because of how pigmented my lips are – depending on the shade, streaky or sheer lipsticks just look a bit strange on me.

I really love the cream stain lipstick the Trimakeup girls and my school friends got me for my birthday from Sephora in Strawberry Kissed – the coverage is fantastic and it feels like I’m not wearing anything. My lips can become really dry, but this product almost feels moisturising.

The shade is a really bright, matte pink. It is perfect for summer and I can’t wait to start using it when it’s sunny! I’m planning on pairing it with lots of bronzer and thick eyeliner.

Unfortunately we don’t have Sephora here in the UK (otherwise the shade Marvellous Mauve was next on my list), so I was wondering which liquid lipsticks you would recommend in terms of formula, and shade!  High-end, low-end, I don’t mind! (I’m ready to splurge.)

Kajal x




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