Birthday Haul | Una

Hey friends! We are back. Exams are over and the sun is out. I’m here today to show you some new products of mine which will be brilliant for the Summer.




M.A.C – Ruby Woo

I actually was given this lipstick for my 18th birthday but of course I took it on a night out and lost it. Learn from my mistake, don’t do this. This lipstick is highly pigmented and suits every skin tone but the formula is really drying (as many people have commented) so wear a lip balm before applying.

R to L: Ruby Woo, Envy, Marvelous Moxie

bellápierre cosmetics – Envy

Compared to Ruby Woo this lipstick’s formula is so smooth and nourishing. The nude colouring is more on the pink side which really suits my skin tone. I have loved wearing it on evenings out as it creates a sophisticated look when paired with a simple eyeshadow.

bareMinerals – Marvelous Moxie

This nude is much lighter compared to Envy which is not a bad thing. I prefer to wear this during the day as it is much more suitable for everyday use and look. The formula is very similar to bellápierre cosmetics, extremely silky and hydrating.



theBalm – Mary Lou Luminizer

This product has been raved and raved about online that I’m so pleased to have the chance to try it! It is extremely pigmented that it will make anyone look like a luminous fairy. Compared to the bareMinerals highlighters it is much more cool toned and brilliant for a night out rather than an everyday look.

L to R: Mary Lou Luminizer, The Love Affair, The Shining Moment

bareMinerals READY Luminizer Duo Radiance – The Love Affair & The Shining Moment

This is not as brightening as theBalm therefore I much prefer to use it during the day. The Love Affair has more of a golden undertone so I like to use that in my inner corners of the eyes. I like to use The Shining Moment  on my cheek bones and tip of the nose as usual.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up of some of my new makeup products and I can’t wait to use them in future tutorials! Til’ next time, bye! Una X



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