My Lip Pencils | Kajal

I used to not rate lip pencils very highly – I was really missing out.

FullSizeRender (17)

My first lipliner was East End Snob by Rimmel and I really wasn’t in love with it. I like the fact that it is retractable but the colour is too light for me, and I found the texture a bit soft and crumbly.

FullSizeRender (18)
Top to bottom – East End Snob, Bois de Rose, Vino

L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Lip Pencil in Bois de Rose changed my mind! This is my perfect nude lip colour, and I find that I can wear it on its own with a bit of lipgloss. I tend to put this under most of my lipsticks now – it is pigmented and hides my lip pigmentation, makes my lips look fuller, and makes my lipstick last longer! At £3.99 I can’t really ask for more, and I will be repurchasing this. I like to pair it up with my Bois de Rose lipstick too. 

My final lipliner is MAC’s Vino lipliner – this is really, really dark for me, so I don’t tend to use this all over my lips. However, I use it to darken lipsticks like Retro and Amorous to make them a bit for vampy in autumn/winter by gently shading in after applying my lipstick and ‘sandwiching’ it in with a further layer of lipstick. This is also great for creating an ombré lip. The texture is a bit drier and firmer than Bois de Rose, but it isn’t too uncomfortable as long as you prep your lips first.

I’m really loving my lipliners at the moment and I will definitely be buying more in future!

Kajal x


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