Teal and Gold Eye | Freddie

Hi everyone! It feels good to be back. It’s summer up here in the Northern Hemisphere, so that means bright colours and festivals. I wanted a colourful eye with some sparkle for a festival last week and was pleased with how this one turned out. I mostly focus on the eyes in this post, with just a small section about my base makeup, which hasn’t changed much. (Hint: details are in the links!)

Firstly, I used some SPF, as during a festival you’re often outside under the sun all day. I’m enjoying the La Roche-Posay one at the moment, because it is 50+ and lightweight. I left it to settle on the skin as I started on the eyes.



I primed my lids with Mac Paint Pot in Painterly, and powdered lightly over the top to make blending easier. To add depth and warmth to the eye I blended Naked by Urban Decay through the crease on a Crown C200 brush.

I then applied soft black crayon along my lash line, smudging and shaping it with a Crown pencil brush. Before the crayon dried, I packed over a teal ‘effect powder’ from GOSH in ‘Azure’ on the same brush, blending it upwards over my mobile lid.

5. green

The tackiness of the black crayon means the teal pigment is most intense at the lashline and fades towards the crease. I then went back in with the crease colour to smoothen the transition.

I dusted a gold Barry M glitter over only my mobile lid without any adhesive, because I wanted it to be sparse enough for the teal to be visible through it.

6. gold

After curling my lashes and applying mascara, I used some makeup remover on a cotton pad to clean up under my eyes. If you find that glitter is sticking on your skin, try using a bit of sellotape around your fingers to daub it off.


I used NARS Creamy Concealer and Sheer Glow as a base. Coral is a complementary colour to teal, and so is a good choice for cheeks and lips. I used a Sleek blush in Coral and dusted the high points of my face with Equinox from the Sleek highlighter palette in Solstice.

I lightly filled in and combed through my brows to keep things neat. On my lips I just used a lip balm, but looking back I think this look needs at least a tinted gloss, if not a bright lipstick for the brave! (Lips are not my strong suit.)


I hope you found this tutorial useful and are having a fab summer!

F x


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