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Hey friends! Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine ( in England anyway). Today I am here to show you some of my recent, favourite perfumes. Kajal did a post on her favourites a while back so don’t forget to check her post out here.

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme

IMG_20160620_104758728Something that you will find out about all my preferred perfumes are that they all have strong fragrance. If I am wearing a perfume, I want people to know it so subtle smells don’t do it for me! This Tom Ford scent is said to contains notes of mandarin, bitter orange, ginger,jasmine accord, orange blossom, Indian kulfi accord, Madagascar vanilla, amber, Australian sandalwood, and lentisque resinoid. (Indian kulfi is a rich, dairy-based frozen dessert; lentisque is an evergreen shrub; and a resinoid is the extract of a shrub.) I’m not going to lie, I had no idea what half of these ‘notes’ were until I googled but I what I can say is that the perfume is floral but creamy as you can definitely smell an underlying tone of vanilla. I would recommend this for the evening time rather than everyday use because a) there is not much and Tom Ford is expensive! and b) the richness of the scent will definitely enhance an evening look and attire.

Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle

I am an extremely lucky girl to own a Chanel fragrance especially one so delicious. This scent is much more floral compared to Tom Ford’s Noir. It is really refreshing to wear and that’s probably because the perfume includes top notes of citrus fruits such as orange and grapefruit. If I had a larger bottle I would prefer to wear this on a daily basis because even though I like a strong scent it is not overpowering for everyone who I will interact with during the day. This size is perfect since you will get long term use out of it if used sparingly (a little does go a long way!) and 35ml is under the liquids limit for hand luggage making it brilliant for travelling.IMG_20160620_104341091

Lancôme’s Hypnôse Senses

IMG_20160620_104614286Unsurprisingly this perfume has a heavy floral scent making it perfect for me. This is the fragrance which I like to wear every day as at times I can catch a smell of the scent when I move my arms or neck. However, many perfumes don’t last on my skin and this one is unfortunately included. The size, although great for everyday use, it’s the best for travelling. The shape is also quite awkward but does look good on my dressing table.

I hope you enjoyed this snapshot of my favourite smells and do let us know your favourite perfumes in the comments below! Plus this is Tri Makeup’s 101 blog post! Thank you so much from all three of us for enjoying and commenting on our posts. Til’ next time, bye! Una X


2 thoughts on “Perfume Favourites | Una

    1. The smell is divine! So much better than the classic Chanel no.5 smell 😛 I wish I could buy lots more Tom Ford fragrances but the price always puts me off.. Una X


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