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Hi everyone, and happy Trimakeup anniversary! It has been a great year for the Trimakeup team, and we’re very grateful to all of our followers and readers!

In celebration of our first anniversary, I thought it would be great to go along with the ‘tri’ theme – here are 3 of my favourite concealers!

Concealer (1)
My Makeup Revolution Concealer has seen better days…

These concealers are very different in terms of consistency, undertone and shade! As you can see in the swatch below, they apply on my skin very differently! I use all three quite frequently, but the Collection concealer is my current favourite.

Concealer (3)
Top to bottom: Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer in FC 08, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Dark (4), MAC Select Cover-Up in NC42

I use the Makeup Revolution concealer (reviewed in more detail here) to cream contour because its strong yellow undertones are great for brightening my skin, and it has a thin consistency. I don’t tend to use it under my eyes at all because it can crease, and is not opaque enough.

In comparison, the Collection concealer is a lot thicker, creamier, and darker. I love this because once it is applied it does not budge or crease. It is wonderfully opaque and does a great job of covering blemishes! This makes it perfect for covering up my under-eyes! However, I don’t tend to use this to highlight as it does not brighten the area. This product is such a steal, at just £4.17. I’ve gone through 4 of them so far…

The Mac concealer is the most expensive out of all of them at £15.50. Its consistency is between the Makeup Revolution Concealer, and the Collection one. It is quite warm, and pretty opaque. I would say it leans more towards orange than yellow. It takes quite a few layers to cover up my undereyes, but with a bit of persistence it gets you there. However, it does have a tendency to crease. I tend to use this for general cover-ups (as the name suggests) because, as you can see from the swatch, it is pretty close to my skin tone!

I hope this post helps with your next concealer purchase 🙂

Kajal x




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