Best Nail Polish Ever! | Una

Hey friends! Hope you are all well. Today I will be revealing to you what I think is the best nail polish ever! Do comment below your favourite nail polish brands and colours.

Porchester Square

Nails Inc have released their mini gel effect nail colours which uses triple polymer technology to give a super high shine finish with a gel look without the need for a UV lamp. Whenever I get a gel manicure, I always notice how long lasting and chip resistance it is. That is definitely what you get with this polish! The picture below is the polish after a week on an extremely active holiday. I went sea kayaking, snorkelling and climbing and I was AMAZED to see how little the polish had chipped. Normally this is the same amount of chipping I get after a few days of lazing about!

I am wearing the colour Victoria.

I paired this polish with O.P.I’s base and top coat since this collection did not come with a base or top coat. Together these polishes are a match made in heaven. I did notice that the top coat was starting to come off by the end of my holiday but for everyday use (and not in extreme heat or doing activities like I was) this polish should last at least a couple weeks! Long lasting and shiny polish all without the need of a UV lamp, what’s not to love!


I hope you enjoyed this insight into my new favourite polishes! Til’ next time, bye! Una x


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