Full Face Using Only Highlighters | Freddie

Hi all,

You’ve probably seen this ‘tag’ doing the rounds on blogs and YouTube recently. Started by Mariya, the idea is to replace all the products you would usually use for a full face of makeup with various highlighters.

I thought I would give it a go and encourage you to do the same – I often forget to take time to mess around with makeup, from which the most fun and creativity stems. This is less an instructional post and more of a ‘results and thoughts’ jumble.

What I Used

As I’m not a makeup artist, I have a limited selection of highlighters, so in some cases just used a shimmery product rather than a ‘highlighter’.


foundation Revlon Highlighting Fluid || setting powder 17 Shimmer Brick || eyelid primer Bourjois Colorband crayon || lid shade Sleek Hemisphere || crease shade & contour Sable by MAC || highlighter theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer || lip Stila liquid lipstick in Patina || blush & lip shimmer Sleek Equinox || brow crayon Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bad Girl Bronze


It’s kind of hard to relay how shimmery my face was through images. I think had I used a more pigmented highlighter such as Mary-Lou as my ‘setting powder’, I would have been a lot more reflective, but instead I used the 17 Shimmer Block for variety.


  • Not using any foundation or concealer means virtually no coverage…
  • Highlighter all over the face definitely accentuates large pores and pimples
  • I’m contouring my nose for the first time, for some extra intrigue
  • It feels amusingly senseless to apply highlighter to the cheekbones after what has gone before
  • These lips look terrible on me
  • Oh my god, flash photographs look hideous
  • I feel ethereal and strangely powerful
  • But still not comfortable enough to answer the front door
  • Ultimately I think the worst things about this are the weird brows and lips – otherwise it could sort of work

I hope you guys enjoyed this silly post. I promise the next one won’t be about highlighters. Also, sorry it was late – I was living large in the Netherlands.

Have a great weekend,

F x


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