Birthday Present Ideas | Kajal

Hi everyone,

It was my friend’s birthday recently, so I had the fun task of putting together a joint present for her.


I tried to make sure that there was a good mix of different things!

Laura’s a great fan of Lush, so I spent a good deal of the budget in there. (i.e. I kept picking stuff up.)


Things I bought from there:

I own a Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt myself, and I love how moisturising it is. They all smelt divine, and none of them clashed in terms of scent either, which was great. Laura guessed her present from a mile away – so perhaps these products are not the best idea for a surprise gift!


As for everything else I purchased, I tried to make all gifts fit in with the purple theme (just for fun.)

I bought her a rose gold necklace from New Look, a lovely purple nail varnish from Barry M in the shade ‘Sprint Finish,‘ and a set of double chocolate biscuits from Liberty (I was swayed by the stunning box.)

I hope this helps with any presents you buy in the future!

Kajal x





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