Glossy Grungy Eyes | Freddie

Hi guys,

For today’s post I have done something a bit different. This is not necessarily anything one would wear out, but I wanted to try my hands at a dramatic glossy eye look.

open eyes 3

BYR_color_wheel.svgIf you do try this, I recommend using your eye colour’s complementary colour (opposite on the colour wheel, pictured), to make your eyes pop. My eyes come across as mostly green and yellowy-brown, so I chose purple. I think blue eyes with an orangey-copper would look phenomenal, or deep brown eyes with an emerald green.

After applying my MAC paint pot as usual, I started with a black crayon on my eyelids to give the eyeshadow a deeper, more dramatic tone, as well as adhesive to cling to. I took it into my crease and under my eyes using a MAC 217 brush.

I then applied the purple shadow (I used the NYX shadow pictured, second from left on the bottom row, but I can’t remember what it’s called) densely over the same areas, blending messily at the eye productsedges, using a second 217. I kept the shape very round, and quite large over the eyes.

After tight-lining my eyes using MAC Engraved pencil, I curled my top lashes and applied mascara to both top and bottom.

Using a flat synthetic brush, I gently pressed lip gloss (I have an old clear H&M gloss, but you could also use lip balm) over my mobile lid only. Avoid spreading it further than this, as the contrast with the matte shadow in the crease keeps the look stylistic rather than a complete mess (perhaps a matter of opinion).

The gloss will mean the eye shadow separates and creases, but that is the point. Revel in the grunginess!

closed eyes 3.JPG

Make sure to warm up the rest of your face when doing an eye look like this, to avoid looking like a skeleton or panda. Use a peachy blush, or a warm bronzer. I also prefer nude lips to let the eyes speak for themselves.


I hope you enjoyed this look, and please let me know in the comments if you recreate it, especially if you try a different colour!

F x


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