Dark Cherry Liner | Una

Hey friends! Hope you are well, today I will be showing you a wearable red liner look. It is a really simple eye look to do and you can change the colour to suit you.

To begin, I covered my eyelid with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in the colour Eden to provide a nude base and to enhance the colour of my red liner. Then I took an angled brush using KIKO’s Eyeshadow stick in number 37 to create the winged line. I find it easier to create the wing first then to come back to shaping the eye. I think for this look you should draw a strong flick to emphasise the boldness of the colour you are using. A delicate or small wing would just be overshadowed by your eyelashes especially if you have long ones like me.


To make the red colour more vibrant, I layered over KIKO’s stick with the eye shadow Cherry Cordial from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. It really helped sharpen up the line compared to just using the cream stick.

Lastly, I then tight-lined my eyes with a bit of black gel eyeliner just to make my lashes look a bit fuller. Although, this step is optional. Finish off with mascara, blush, highlighter, contour and a nude lip (such as bellapierre’s lipstick in Envy)  to keep the focus all on the eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this simple yet bold look. Let me know in the comments below what you would like to see next. Til’ next time, bye! Una x


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