Battle of the Makeup Wipes | Kajal

Hi all,

Today I am reviewing Nivea’s Facial Cleansing Wipes for Dry Skin which claim to have 3 functions; they cleanse, remove makeup and moisturise.

Nivea (2)

I usually use Simple’s cleansing wipes, which I have reviewed here. My favourites are theĀ Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes, because they are great with waterproof makeup and are very gentle, but I recently picked up the Nivea Facial Cleansing wipes because I got a decent deal in Boots.

Simple (3)

SImple (6)

The Nivea wipes feel very dry, yet they still leave my skin feeling moisturised. They are good for most types of makeup but when it comes to waterproof eyeliner they require a bit of patience.

What I found was that the Nivea wipes did not agree with my eyes, but in summer, my dry, dry skin loved them! If you like Nivea’s moisturisers, you will enjoy these. They left my skin with a nice dewy glow. They also smell like a typical Nivea moisturiser (if you are into that), whereas the Simple wipes tend to have no scent. My skin is also a lot clearer after using them (I think.)

So my final recommendation is that if you have dry skin and your eyes are not very sensitive, go with the Nivea wipes. If you wear a lot of waterproof eye makeup, and have sensitive eyes, I would recommend the Simple Micellar wipes! What I tend to do is alternate between the two depending on what type of makeup I am wearing! (and if my skin needs a bit of moisturiser love.)

I hope this helps!

Kajal x



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