Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm Review | Kajal

Hi everyone!

Today I am reviewing Bobbi Brown’s Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm which I got to try on in a Bobbi Brown shop.

Check out that glow

I was looking for a cream highlighter because my skin is on the dry side. I also tried on a Pot Rouge in the shade Blushed Rose to get a more natural glow.

This product smells fantastic and very refreshing, and it is meant to be great for your skin with natural ingredients like lychee extract. The glow that this product helped me achieve was quite natural looking, but still present. The MUA dabbed on the product to the high points of my face, but you can also mix it into your foundation (if you’re feeling adventurous.)

It lasts a fair amount of time, and combined with the Pot Rouge, my skin looked more dewy and healthy.

I would recommend this product for very dry skin, and possibly in colder weather. During this week’s heatwave my face unfortunately just ended up looking greasy. It also did accentuate my pores.

I am considering purchasing this product, but I’m going to shop around a bit first!

Kajal x



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