Graduation Makeup | Freddie

  Hey guys,

Today I’m showing you the makeup I wore to my graduation. For more graduation tips, check out Una’s post on essentials to take with you on the big day. If graduation doesn’t apply to you, this look would work well for any event requiring photographs, a job interview, a first date, etc.!

I wanted to look fairly natural, but a bit more glamorous than usual. I went for a defined neutral eye makeup with a nude-pink lip.



I recommend gently exfoliating to start with as smooth a face as possible. Then follow up with your favourite day moisturiser (yes my day moisturiser is explicitly a night moisturiser). It’s possible lots of flash photos will be taken of you, so I would avoid using SPF, despite the time spent outside. I applied a primer to my skin and let it sink in as I started on my eyes (see below).

Since it’s a special occasion and lots of photographs will be taken, I bothered to go through the colour correcting process, dabbing green over my still-red spots and orange around the corners of my mouth which often appear grey.

I then applied under eye concealer and blended it out, following up with foundation. Nars Sheer Glow is SPF-free and so photo-friendly. I then powdered my under-eyes and T-zone to prevent shininess.

L-R: no flash, flash

Concealer and foundation alone tend to flatten the face in photos, so I contoured to enhance dimensionality, and highlighted my cheekbones and nose with Mary-Lou for a healthy glow. I used a cream blush and blended it out using my foundation brush for a very natural flush.

I polished the look by pencilling in my eyebrows and setting them with clear mascara, as well as filling my lips with a nude pink liner and topping them with a red tinted lip balm.


I used MAC paint pot all over my lid-space to prep, and followed up with a crayon all over the mobile lid. I recommend choosing tones that pop with your eye colour, so I chose a mauve undertone (Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour in Spirit).

Before the crayon set, I swept a bright reflective shade (Equinox from the Sleek highlighter palette – which for some reason is not pictured) over the inner half of each lid, using the brush I used with the crayon to blend it with the outer corner.

T-B: no flash, flash

I wanted to do an eyeliner flick as I think it is flattering to the eyes in photographs, but I felt liquid liner was too harsh for the occasion, especially as I never usually wear it. Instead I used a kohl liner to roughly sketch out a small flick, and then smoothed and shaped it using an angled brush. The result is a soft yet defined wing.

I then curled my lashes and applied a healthy coat of my Lancôme mascara (still going strong).


Finally, here is a photo of me on my actual graduation day!

I hope you have a wonderful week,

F x


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