Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-À-Porter Mascara Review | Una

IMG_20160825_122128604_HDRHey friends! Hope you are well. Today I will be reviewing Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-À-Porter mascara that I got as a freebie. A while ago, Freddie gave her thoughts on Lancôme Grandiôse mascara so don’t forget to check out her post as well! (Neither of us were paid to review any Lancôme products; we wish that was the case.)

Packaging : Since I don’t have the full version of the mascara I can’t pass comment on the packaging. But from the pictures online, it looks sleek, slim and fitting for the high-end brand of Lancôme.

Colour: As black as my natural eyelash colour!

Smell: Doesn’t have a strong smell at all.IMG_20160825_122232420_HDR

Brush Shape: I typically like a non-plastic, large brush with multiple bristles similar to Maybelline’s Volum Express The Colossal Mascara. This mascara, however, is the complete opposite to my liking. It is tapered to a point and quite thin which is typically what you see for a lengthening mascara compared to a thickening/ volumising one (which is quite confusing since the mascara has ‘volume’ in the name!).

Application: Really easy to apply and I actually liked that it was tapered since I could easily reach the lashes in the inner corner which are normally quite hard to reach!

Lasting Power: I’ve been wearing this mascara for the past month or so and it holds up well! There aren’t any claims that it lasts 24 hours or anything but it should last 12 hours at least in an invariable climate.

Price: As per usual with Lancôme products, the price is quite dear at £22.50 for 10ml. However, on Freddie’s post she has updated that her mascara of a similar size and same brand has lasted months after daily use so you will get your money’s worth!

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Overall Thoughts: As you can see from the pictures, my lashes are extremely long and defined. I, personally, don’t like seeing individual lashes. I would have preferred a thickening/ volumising effect that mirrors the intensity of false lashes. However, if your lashes are quite small this will definitely lengthen them and then, if you wished, you can use a thickening mascara on top. I also found the formula to be quite irrating to the eyes when applied really close to the lashes near the tear duct. Just bear that in mind if you’re not used to putting mascara on the inner lashes like me.

I hope this review has been helpful, til’ next time bye! Una x


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