Maroon Smokey Eye | Freddie

Hi guys,

The other day I was inspired by a Jenna Marbles video to try an eye look using red shadow. This is a quick tutorial, meaning I will skip the face details (my face makeup doesn’t change much), but I suggest a neutral cheek and lip, as the eye is fairly full-on. I just applied a warm contour shade more widely and liberally than usual to warm up my face, and a sheer, natural finish nude to my lips. I think this makeup would look especially striking on green and blue eye colours.

I prepped my lids with MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I then applied a translucent powder in the crease and above to ensure the red would blend smoothly. I tried to avoid powdering the mobile lid, to leave some tackiness for the shimmery lid shadow to stick to.

I picked up the maroon shade from the Sleek Ultra Mattes Dark palette on a fluffy brush and using a very light hand buffed it into the crease and onto the outer corner of the lid. The lighter you apply and the longer you take to blend, the smoother the gradient. I also kept going over the outer edges with a completely clean MAC 271 brush.


Using a dense shadow brush I packed Sidecar from the Urban Decay Naked palette (described as ‘beige sparkle’) onto my mobile lid, using the fluffy brush to blend it with the red shadow.

To add some definition to the lashline, I used Dark Horse (a dark brown, again from the Naked palette) on a pencil brush. You could use black but, in combination with the red it would be a harsher look than I was going for. I then took what was left on my brush onto the outer two-thirds of my lower lashline.

To finish, I curled my lashes and applied loads of mascara, as usual! If I wore falsies, I would probably use some medium length, natural wispies to balance the shadow.


Please let me know if you recreate this look! What are your thoughts on red eyeshadow?

F x

P.S. Apologies for the photo-light post (and the contact lenses!), but there are only so many photos of eyes people want to see, and I didn’t get around to taking product photos.


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