TonyMoly ‘I Am Real’ Facemasks Review Kajal

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing two facemasks from TonyMoly in seaweed and avocado.

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I’m now lucky (or unlucky) enough to be living next to a Sephora! My friend Laura had recommended the masks after using the ‘I Am Real’ Rice version, and finding that it really soothed and moisturised her face.

These masks are only 1,50 euros each, which feels like an absolute steal.

Processed with Snapseed.

I went with the avocado one (they taste good so why not incorporate them into my beauty routine.)

The mask itself is pretty easy to use, and smells great. The issue was that it was pretty big for my face and it wrinkled everywhere.

The facemask itself is very moist, and you end up with excess ‘moisturiser’ which you can use on the rest of your face, neck and hands.

My skin was quite dewy the next day, but Laura felt that the seaweed one was too sticky, and that it clogged her pores.

Overall, I would recommend the masks for dry skin, like mine, and I will probably pick up a few more to try them out!

Kajal x




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