How I did my makeup in school | Freddie

Hi guys,

Today I’m jumping on the tag bandwagon and showing you how I did my makeup in school. As far as I can remember, I wore very little makeup to school when I was younger, so instead I’ll recreate my go-to party look from when I was 15.

My first eyeshadow palette was a little circular trio from SEVENTEEN in Boots. It contained a frosty white, a shimmery grey and a glittery black (I can’t find this exact combo now). I would use only my fingers to apply the shadows, with no base whatsoever.

I watched Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge, so I knew the concept of using darker colours on the outer edges of the eyes, and lighter in the inner. I would take the silver across my whole lid with my first finger, and then smudge the black in my outer v with another finger. Then I would use my pinky to dab some white in my inner corner.

great-lashAs seems to be standard with everyone doing this tag, I wore black kohl (probably Barry M) in my lower waterline, but not on my upper lashline (Why on Earth did we all do this? Was it Avril Lavigne’s fault?), and then applied Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara without curling my lashes.

My first concealer was Rimmel’s Hide The Blemish stick concealer, which I used over any red spots – I don’t think I used it for under my eyes. The first time I wore foundation was on my 17th birthday party. (I kind of wish I’d never started! Perhaps my skin would be better now…)rimmel-hide-the-blemish

My first blush was one of Bourjois’ Little Round Pots in 74 Rose Ambre. I chose it because it matched my lip colour, which was a recommendation I found in Bobbi Brown’s Teenage Beauty. I would apply it using a cheap, scratchy brush – one of the few I owned.

I would probably then have put on one of the freebie lip glosses my mum gave me from her makeup shopping, or a Body Shop Born Lippy.

If I had to use exactly the same products now, I would use the concealer on my eyelid as an eyeshadow base, as well as under my eyes to brighten the area, and ideally use a Q-tip to blend the kohl or black eyeshadow along my upper lashline to add extra definition. I would also prefer to curl my lashes before mascara. Nowadays I go lighter on the blush, but after looking at the above photos, I quite like the heavier handed look. I would also definitely at least comb through my eyebrows.

I’ve come a long way from the days of school-age makeup, but I still have a lot to learn. I tag you all, readers!

Have a great week,

F x


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