Harley Quinn Outfit – How To | Kajal

Hi everyone,

For Halloween this year I went as Harley Quinn and I thought I’d let you know how I did it!


The makeup was the tricky part because I wasn’t sure how clearly blue and pink would come up on my skin tone.

I started with a foundation that was just a smidgen too light for my skin-tone. I then used green and pink concealers as a base on each eyelid to make sure the colour came through properly. I ¬†patted on the sparkly blue eyeshadow from the Sleek Storm palette on one eye, and a burgundy pink shade from Kiko on the other eye. I took the eyeshadow down the sides of my face, basing the shape on ‘tear lines.’

I found that I had more issues with the pink side, so I used a bit of pink lipstick to make it stand out more!

I then added pink and blue glitter on top of the eyeshadow, contoured with a cool dark brown shade, and used a true, red satin lipstick which I smudged down my chin. I also used a bit of black eyeshadow on my forehead and cheek to make myself look a bit messier. To finish off, I added a heart under my eye in eyeliner and wrote ‘Rotten’ along my jawline (both on the pink side.)

For my hair I bought bottles of metallic red and blue hair spray and just sprayed the ends. I have dyed hair and I didn’t have any issues washing it out the next day. The only issue I had with them was that they transferred everywhere, so I manged to stain my jacket and handbag! I also bought red and blue ribbons to tie my hair up with.

For the outfit itself I bought one white T-shirt and one red T-shirt from Primark. I cut the red t-shirt into a sort of ‘crop top’ and then wrote ‘Daddy’s Lil’ Monster’ on the white t-shirt with a black marker, making sure it didn’t transfer through to the other side by putting a bit of cardboard in between.


I bought cheap black jeans which I cut into shorts, and bought a random choker from Primark. I teamed it up with sheer tights, and canvas shoes, and I was done!

It was actually really fun to do, and not too tricky to put together. If you have a fancy dress event coming, I’d recommend trying it out!

Kajal x





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